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An artificial intelligence software program, that delivers real-time, hyper-targeted marketing on social media.

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Who is Christopher?

Christopher is an AI social media advertising platform.

Big Data Analysis.

Data and enable the development of campaigns that focus marketing messages to specific demographics, sentiments, and keywords.

Real-Time Engagement.

Advertising has never been so personal. Through deep learning Christopher learns to reply, tailoring and automating engagement.

Real-time Insights.

Now you can see who, how many times, and from where people have talked about your brand. Gauge the impact your campaign had on consumer sentiment.


Big DataAnalysis

Engage target audiences based on accurate and actionable insights.

By performing social listening across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, Christopher is able to provide real-time consumer insights. Now you can reach the right audience by targeting users based on:

  • Relevant Consumer Posts
  • Consumer Sentiment
  • Post Location
  • Potential Reach


Tap into conversations, in real-time, to deliver personalized messages.

  • At the right time
  • To the right consumer
  • In the right context
  • Alongside the right content

engagement response


Real-time figures on campaign performance.

Campaign reports, available through an easy-to-use dashboard, measures campaign impact and tracks performance in real-time.

Personalise your advertising through Christopher's powerful intelligence and variety of advertising formats.

Christopher AI

What separates AI from bots?

Artificial Intelligence filters audience and learns how to communicate more organically and effectively as it engages with your campaign.

AI learning and analysis

Experienced and trusted by 100+
brands worldwide.


Christopher is more than just a software program.

Our team of dedicated professionals are ready to guide you every step of the way.

We are Christopher

Frequently asked questions.

Can Christopher be used for geo-marketing in specific micro locations in a city?

Yes, it can. Clients must however note that the location is narrowed down, it limits the reach of the campaign. Best practice is to target by State, i.e. everyone in Lagos. In our experience working with many brands, targeting micro-locations works best when targeting an event/activation that is taking place in a specific location.

How does Christopher calculate a reach?

Where a tweet is sent to @John, and others get to see it - John's Followers and the general Twitter Community in Nigeria who come across the Tweet on their timeline.

Can Christopher Schedule a post?

Yes, but this would always be value-add to a running campaign.

How many people can have access to the Christopher dashboard when a campaign goes live?

Unlimited number of people. We will provide a unique URL, Username and Password for each brand that anyone can use to access the Live Campaigns Dashboard.

Can Christopher pick winners of voucher-led campaigns randomly?

Yes. This is what we have done for the likes of Budweiser, Brutal Fruit, Flying Fish and Castle Lite in SA.

Can Christopher prompt and tailor responses to users that participated, but did not win?

Yes, messaging can be sent to any chosen segment of participants and or users.

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